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Chess game added

Today the board game Chess was added to the server, It is still in pilot operation and we would be glad for any comments or suggestions for improvement


Word soccer disctionary

Today we launched a new section in the profile. You can view a list of words you have used in word soccer that have not been recognized. You can then suggest these words along with their description to be added to the dictionary


Improved word soccer

There has been an improvement in verbal football. Penalties have been added to the rules for not using all letters and for making a shorter word than your opponent. The penalty is always a yellow card. For every two yellow cards, a player receives one red card, which means one letter is taken away.


Web page news

All games now have a unified look. Language versions have also been added to the website, so you can now fully browse our site in Slovak and English.


Word soccer - SK

The Slovak version of word soccer has just been launched. It is now possible to play word soccer with Slovak words. There is also a new feature for Slovak word soccer game, where a short description is displayed for each word.


New functions

Chat has been added to all games in this update. You can now chat with your opponent directly during the game. We have also made user accounts available. The first feature we are launching for users is the ability to create your own avatar. We will soon expand the options to customize your avatar.


Mau mau

Today we have launched a new game for you - it's Mau mau for two players. Also, the rendering of some games has been optimized for better display on mobile phones.


New Game!

The first update to our games is coming. The biggest change is the addition of a game of two-player memory game. There is a board with 64 cards and your task is to find more pairs than your opponent. The page loading speed has been increased, and the design has been improved for mobile phones


First version

We are launching the first public version of our games. Now you can play your favourite word football or memory game online again! We are still working on adding new games. Games can be played with a random player, or with your friend by sending a link.