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Rules of Pony


Each player receives 4 cards at the start of the game.One card is placed face up on the table. The player must always either lay out a card of the same suit or the same rank as the laid out card. The top card can be placed on any card except the Ace or Seven just played.The player who placed the top card announces the suit. This suit must then be the suit of the card subsequently played.The player who plays immediately after the Seven is dealt must lick two cards or deal another Seven. The lick passes to the next player in the sequence and the number of cards licked is always increased by two. The player whose turn it is after the Ace is dealt stands, i.e. he cannot play this round or must deal another Ace. In the event that a player cannot, or does not wish to, lay down a card, he must take a card from the deck

Game Winner

The first player to discard all the cards in his hand is the winner. The last player loses and in the next round shuffles and deals