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Rules of Word soccer CZ

Game Objective

Make as many nouns as possible from the 11 letters in the 1st person singular and plural. The game is played for 6 rounds, 1 round lasts 90 seconds. At the end of the round, both players' word lists are compared, the same words are eliminated from their lists, and the rest of the remaining words is displayed on a trajectory with 21 positions on the football field. A goal is scored when a goal line representing 22 or more letters is crossed. If both players cross the goal line, the player with the greater number of letters scores the goal. If neither player crosses the goal line, they advance to the next round according to the number of letters passed.

Penalties - yellow and red card

A player must meet 2 conditions in each round: 1. Use all letters. If the player does not use all the letters, he will be punished with a yellow card. 2. Make a longer word than the longest word of the opponent. If a player creates a shorter word than the opponent's longest word, he will be penalized with a yellow card. For every 2 yellow cards a player receives 1 red card, which means the removal of one letter.


Words are formed by clicking on individual letters in the tray with the mouse or by typing on the computer keyboard.


Press the cogwheel at the bottom left of the screen to customize your settings. In addition to turning off sounds, you can click on the controller icon to enter a menu where you can customize the size and colors of the in-game controls. If you are logged into your game account, you can save these settings by clicking on the "SAVE" button. Your settings will then be used in every other game you play.